Town Hall

town hall

The first information about the Strzelce town hall dates back to 1581. J.J. Reichel, a later historian of the town, confirmed the existence of this important building in the 18th century. A huge fire broke out in the town on November 24, 1754, which destroyed also the town hall with its tower. However, the town hall was rebuilt already in 1758. There was a permanent mail coach station next to the town hall during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Another fire of the town, on July 21, 1826 partly destroyed the town hall and the next one - on June 18, 1827 burned it down completely. A new town hall was build in the years 1844-46 according to the plans of a builder Roch. The tower was build on old foundations and covered with a classicistic, neo-gothic roof. Building of the town hall cost 43.000 thalars.

The town hall was partly rebuilt, under the mayor Paweł Gundrum in 1911. It was not altered much during the inter-war period. Partial renovation was realised in 1938. The town hall was burned by the Soviet troops in the end of January, 1945.

In the end of March, 1945, the first representatives of the Polish administration: mayor Tomasz Skowronek and his employees started working in the gas distribution unit (now at A. Mickiewicza str.). There, the town plans and town hall renovation plans were found. The town hall was rebuild several years later, according to these plans. The works lasted several years and ended in the 1960's.

The present town hall is not a monument of history in its whole - according to architects. It is built on a square with two floors. From the front of the building there are rows of pillars between projections, which surround the main entrance with the so called neo-gothic portico. The lower part of tower is square, changing into octagonal, with frieze on top. Above, there are external moulds of ornamental function. The tower has a double dome.

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